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Who we are

Our idea of puppet shop emerged when our daughter was sick at home with a flu and I fished out the puppet theatre from the cabinet to entertain her. I succeeded! My „theatre piece“ was successful and I suddenly realised that this is something I like to do and what helps me to relax. What disappointed me on the other hand, was poor „puppets“ quality, which were rather distantly resembling fairy-tale creatures yet with fair amount of phantasy needed. These puppets were not the cheap market products but were bought in the brand shop. So I started to search more profoundly whether there is someone who might produce nice, fair and quality puppets and theatres. Frankly, I did not expect much as nowadays almost everything is lot-produced. Production lines release semi-finished products which are then in all manners put together by labourers without any relation to purpose of their job.

I am telling you, this path has not always been as simple but I found several great manufactures and skilful people who more than to quantity pay the attention to quality thus doing their job with precious smallest details. I was enchanted by the beauty they make from wood or other materials. And this is the foundation of our shop „magic of puppets“ where we want to offer in one place the best from Czech artists and wood carvers specialised not only in puppets, marionettes and puppet theatres and glove puppets but also in dolls. At the same time we want to awake more interest in this range of products in Czech and foreign clients and show them that even today puppets are amazing thing which can serve for amusement, relaxation, development of imagination and communication skills of children or as a beautiful decoration in the interior. There are many possibilities, it is all only up to your imagination.

We believe that thanks to our e-shop you can absorb enchanting world of puppets and become one of those who became addicted to this magic.

Viktor Malcev

Founder of

Why to shop with us?

We are traditional shop selling Czech puppets, marionettes, puppet theatres and glove puppets. All our offered products were fairly produced by Czech artists and wood carvers. In our shop you can find both amateur and professional puppets but also puppets for decorative and collector´s purposes.

Why puppets?

Who would you gain by buying the puppet? Puppets are amusing, inspiring, helping to relax, encouraging phantasy and creating pleasant atmosphere in our homes. Get inspired and fall in law with puppets as we did.